Roberto Sauro is the author of the web site and his webmaster.
He lives in Trieste, Italy. He was born 34 years ago in Varese (Milan). He has attended Technical High School from 1982 to 1987 where he has took the no-graduate mechanical engineer degree.
Military service has been done in Italian Air Force Security Service (V.A.M.) with a first airman rank.
He works in Trieste for Sincrotrone Trieste ScPA, a Synchrotron Light Source, as professional
in Quality Control and Alignment Group. He is fond of aeronautic science and modern history.

Maurizio Bressan is the co-authors and he is in charge of public relation.
He lives in Trieste, Italy. After graduated at the Commercial high School in 1991 he thought for my Military Duty and he served as a "Carabiniere" - Italian Military Police -. He worked for 4 years in an International Shipping Company as Forwarding agent and Shipping Agent in Trieste Port. Since 1998 he is responsable of special packagings and shippings in
Synchrotron Light Source an international research Laboratory located in Trieste. He is fond of military aviation post WWII and a military modeller.
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Many thanks to Fabio Sauro, Andrea Tomicich and Alessandro Gubertini to shown their photographas on our web site. Their support has been appraciated by authors.